Waltco (Pty) Ltd. opened its doors in 2008 as a sole proprietor and registered in 2012. Since then we have come a long way. We have:

  • Installed more than 50 geysers
  • Created more than 1000 cubic meter of concrete flooring
  • Built 4 small cottages for 4 different clients
  • Converted more than 10 garages into granny flats
  • Tiled more than 2000 square meter of floors and walls
  • Build a surface pool with pumps, heat pump and solar heating
  • Painted more than 2000 square meter of interior walls
  • Installed more than 500 square meter of wallpaper
  • Designed and installed more than 30 irrigation systems
  • Installed more than 500 CCTV and IP Camera systems
  • Fabricated more than 30 safety gates
  • The list goes on and on…

Current Projects

  • Bathroom renovation – two bathrooms in Alberton
  • Deck refurbishment – Sandton
  • Steel table and quarts stone – Sandton
  • Cupboard renovation – Sandton
  • Wall repairs – Sanddown
  • Skirting and wall coating – Sanddown

Our BEE speaks for itself as all my workers are from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Where needed I have personally trained them the skills they need for this work.

Note: Our Information Technology as well as our Backup Power Solutions pages have been updated 05 May 2021.

Choosing a Contractor

Remember – the notion that they want the renovation done “fast” and they want it done “cheap.” And let’s face it:, in the renovation game, fast and cheap add up to just one thing — crap.

Before you start flipping through the Yellow Pages, Google, Facebook and calling every contractor in the book, let’s get your expectations on the right planet. You should expect that in this day and age, skilled contractors are in high demand: good contractors are very, very busy.

We sometimes don’t immediately answer our phones — We are probably standing on a scaffold or ladder somewhere with our hands full when you call. Don’t take it personally or assume we’re not interested in talking to you, but contractors won’t answer their cell phones every time it rings. Constant interruptions slow down a job site. For this reason alone, most contractors wait until they are away from the job site before they return your calls.

I do my own quoting, sourcing of the best materials for you, find the right solution fo ryour project. We are often very busy at a customer or client site and focus our attention on that task. When we get an opportunity, we will look at our calls and messages.

It’s also important to understand that good contractors are booked at least two to four months in advance. If you feel you can’t wait, remember this: Bad contractors are always available right away — because they are not in demand, or worse, because they are more than willing to bump their current renovation in progress to get started on yours. Odds are, that situation will come back to haunt you when, halfway into your renovation, the same contractor will bump you in favor of his latest customer.

We will get back to you and give you the attention you desire.

No one wants to spend more than he has to on a renovation, but as the saying goes, “You get what you pay for.”

How much is the right amount? That requires some work on your part, because it means getting as many quotes as possible. In the end, you may get a few extremely high quotes and a few extremely low quotes, and most likely you will get the majority of quotes that fall around the same price. Chances are, one of those middle quotes will be the right price.

The higher quotes sometimes reflect the skill level of the contractor or the price that the market demands for certain contractors who have a reputation for outstanding-quality work. Extremely low quotes often mean that the contractor doesn’t have the experience to properly quote the job, let alone know what it will take to do the job properly, or that he knows how to take shortcuts with your home in order to undercut the legitimate competitors.

So as you start planning your project, more often than not we are the right contractor and understand that there are ways to find the right price and right materials for the renovation you want.

The current pandemic is wreaking havoc all over the world and we have felt the pinch. Our work load has been crippled and we understand that our customers must focus on the important factors like health, safety and financial restrictions. We hope that this moment will strengthen not just our customer base but us as a company so that we may be strong enough to survive and come out even stronger on the other side.

We hope to forge a strong and lasting relationship with our customers.


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